So how do you know you are suffering from money shame?

1. You avoid looking at your bills and bank statements.

Financially Literacy

Financially literacy is not taught in schools, and while we are told to work hard to get good jobs in the future, the school system fails to explain what financial issues will affect our lives and how money can be handled.

Effects of money shaming

1. Money shame can become an emotional thing.

You may end up making financial decisions to offset the unease that comes with money shaming. Emotions that drive financial decisions often lead to regret and financial distress.

2. It feels like you with the fear of lending or borrowing money.

Money shame can make you fear lending money. It can also make borrowing feel like a crime to you.

3. Fear of becoming successful

Money shame can make you uncomfortable with being successful; you fear being seen to have too much. This makes you scared of out-earning the most important people in your life.

4. Fear of Saving money.

How to overcome money shame

  1. Get Knowledge above everything, get financial literacy. Financial Education is one among, getting to know how your money works are important.



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