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3 min readMar 2, 2021


Ever heard the saying money cannot buy happiness? Well, its a lie. Money for a fact gives you options to have, to be, to give and to do. Anyone who has lacked money at any time, particularly those who have been unable to have the basic necessities of life understand that money is good and more money is better!

Here are some 10 warning signs that you are incompatible with money.

1. You think people who are rich are dishonest and immoral while people who are poor are honest and morally upright.

A prominent politician in Kenya was recently interviewed on his net worth, a thread of insults on the comment section of the popular e-newspaper indicated that most netizens believe only people who have acquired their assets through fraudulent means can become rich. In the article, the politician attributed his financial success to agriculture; contrary to the popular narrative upheld by the society.

When honesty is equated to poverty, your mindset is a sure indicator that you are incompatible with money.

2. When you load your wallet or purse with cash, it evaporates. In other words, you cannot account for any money withdrawn.

Every time you get your MPESA statements from Safaricom, you are shocked! You cannot account for some of your expenditures, leave alone the 5 digits total transaction!

If you fall under this category, it is time to enroll for Financially Fit Africa’s financial literacy program.

3. Do you ever feel you are not smart enough, educated enough or capable enough to make a lot of money?

If you constantly question your qualifications, there is a limited chance you’ll have a bargaining power over your employer when demanding for a pay raise. Everyone is capable of making money, the only difference is how you leverage on opportunities to your advantage.

4. If you lost 200/= today it would ruin the rest of your day thinking about it yet you splashed 5000/= on alcohol over the weekend.

Penny wise, pound foolish? You reward yourself every weekend by splashing around huge amounts of money on luxury and goods you don’t need but ‘petty cash’ is spent carefully. This is a clear indicator that you should be joining Financially Fit Africa’s literacy programs.

5. You feel guilty after receiving a big paycheck or bonus upon completing a profitable business transaction.

Imposter syndrome refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. You believe that large amounts of transactions in your business are as a result of sheer luck.



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