Left to Right: CEO Financially Fit Steve Down, Governor KItui county Charity Ngilu, Financially Fit director Anne Musau, Member of the World Cause Coin Advisory Board Joel Nzomo.

Governor Charity Ngilu today met Steve Down, the CEO of Financially Fit. He was accompanied by the company’s director, Anne Musau, and a member of the advisory board World Cause coin- Bishop Joel Nzomo.

The governor was happy about the empowerment projects Steve Down has been running in Kenya. She described The Goat Foundation as ‘phenomenal’ as it is a great wealth creation strategy for women in pastoralists communities.

Steve Down with beneficiaries of the Goat Foundation, Kathiani.

The Goat Foundation was founded by Steve Down with the aim of ensuring households are self-sufficient. So far 200 goats have been donated to families living along with arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya. Each benefitting household has received a male and female goat. The purpose of donating 2 goats of the opposite sex is to ensure the goats reproduce and the beneficiaries gain by practicing goat farming.

The Goat Foundation beneficiaries in Kathiani, Kenya.

Governor Charity Ngilu previously started a self-sufficiency program for citizens in her county. In line with this, she hopes that Steve Down ensures every household in Kenya gains from his wealth creation teachings and cause capitalism initiative.



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Financially Fit

Financially Fit is the global leader in personal wealth education offering personal finance education to individuals, families and businesses and nations.