The festive season is here, but, you can make money while offering these services;

December is here. While most people will be thinking about spending, think about how you can make more money. With many events around this season, you can make a killing by offering a wide range of services.

Steve Down, author of Financially Fit For Life argues that the wealthy find avenues to make more money while everyone else thinks about spending.

Here are sure ways of making money during this season:

1. Set up a seasonal business

A lot of gifting will take place over the festive season. This December, you can start an online business that makes and delivers gifts. They could be custom-made to fit people’s preferences.

Offer a wide range of gifts, from pocket-friendly options to exotic collectors’ items.

Convenience sells in the era of digital marketing. People will buy colourful and thoughtful gifts if there’s ease in finding, paying and delivering what you offer them.

For women, opt to package fragrances, kitchenware, notebooks and pens, house decor as gifts.

For Men, go for aged bottles of liquor, wallets, clothes, and notepads.

Let us not forget children too. In keeping the spirit of Christmas alive, buy them toys, video games, and, edutainment material.

2. Offer services like Dog walking

Sounds odd?

Well, more and more Nairobians are becoming pet lovers. The mood in December is always relaxed and not so many people would want to break a sweat over the small stuff.

Create a poster advertising your animal care services after doing a geographical mapping of areas with most dog breeders.

There are many Facebook groups that can be of service, for example, “Dogs and more dogs Kenya-254.”

This only applies if you love pets.

Another option is dog-sitting. Very many will be travelling this December. Tagging pets along may really be an inconvenience. Offer dog-sitting services at a great fee.

Most people who offer this charge between Kshs. 3000- Kshs. 7,000 a day.

3. Can you cook?

There‘s always a lot of cooking during the festive season. If you love cooking, you can earn good money from it.

Most people struggle with cooking wheat products. They take a lot of time to prepare.

Cook and advertise online that you can make fast deliveries. (Don’t promise what you can’t deliver)

A good example is Dada’s Swahili Kitchen on Instagram.

Cakes and pastries often fly off the shelf. If you are good at baking, why don’t you try selling them even to your immediate neighbours?

4. Take extra shifts and make more money

For professions that operate in shifts, you can take advantage to cover shifts for your colleagues as they travel for vacation or break for holidays.

During the festive season, many people also want to spend more time with their families.

Take up your opportunity to earn more if people sell their shifts.

5. Offer decorating services for people

Do you love setting up Christmas trees?

Honestly, some people find this a hassle because of their routine tasks, work or family commitments in the festive season. Take up the task and offer a price for your decoration services. You can charge them as a whole package.

Go downtown, find a Christmas tree and its decoration, enjoy the work and get paid.

Run digital advertisements for your service and reap from your efforts out of this festive season.

6. Run errands for people

There are people who are very particular and they will be on their leave days or off work/business. Take advantage of this and run errands for them.

These could range from doing their shopping, decorating their houses, etc.

7. Branding material

As the end of the year approaches, many corporates will be distributing their branded items to customers and staff.

Look up small and Medium enterprises and offer them your branding services. You could be the middle man between the businesses and branding services and earn your cut for facilitating what they want. In Nairobi Kenya, along Kirinyaga road would be a great place to start.

The festive season may bear the life-changing opportunity you need to change your financial situation for the network.

Spend less on depreciating liabilities. Avoid financial leaks. Let the money you earn be wisely spent on paying your living expenses and channel the rest to building your wealth vision.

If you enjoyed this article, let us know: What other ways can you make money this festive season?

Share in the comments below, stick to your financial goals and remember to stay financially fit. Don’t forget to leave a clap and share the article with your money tribe.



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