Steve Down donates 200 goats.

Steve Down donates 200 goats to 100 deserving families in 3 Kenyan villages. The begetter of cause capitalism believes economic equality can be achieved by giving.

Speaking to the media; he opined on the importance of narrowing economic inequality starting with developing countries. In alignment with the UN global goals to end poverty, the donation will enable households to cater for themselves financially.

In Kenya, most of the rural population practices small-scale farming. Food grown is mainly for in-house consumption. The Goat Foundation through Steve Down identified this as a deterrent to achieving sustainability. By giving goats to low-income households in rural areas, the beneficiaries are able to integrate and diversify the farming methods.

Why does Steve Down choose to donate goats?

80% of Kenya’s lands are classified as arid and Semi-Arid (ASALS). They are home to about 20% of the country’s population. People living in these areas fight for limited resources like water and pasture, most pastoralists rear cows that require high maintenance.

Climate-smart agriculture builds the capacity of small-scale farmers as goats easily survive in harsh climatic conditions.

Goats require minimal care. They can survive easily in any place; with or without housing.

How will The Goats help low-income Households?

The Goat Foundation bridges the seed capital for low-income households. Through training, farmers are equipped with milk production and value addition skills. This way, they can uplift themselves financially and promote community growth through sharing and trading.

How Cause Capitalism integrates with Steve Down’s donations?

When for-profit companies choose non-profits as their partners they provide sustainable solutions collaboratively.

Profit-making companies channel a percentage of profits to helping the needy. Any for-profit can choose a non-governmental organization with the same co-values to partner with.

The inventor of Cause Capitalism aims to solve the ideological war between capitalism and socialism.

Building a culture of giving back.

Apple makes $ 81.4 billion in revenue and $ 21.74 billion in profits every fiscal year.

If apple partnered with non-governmental organizations, many communities would gain from the company.

The same principle applies to all profit-making companies. For the benefit of every person, a give-back culture should be developed.

Cause capitalism



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